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Benjamin Berendes

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His professional career shows: Benjamin Berendes enjoys the contact with people. He was always drawn to the service sector. Customer satisfaction is his highest priority. He lives according to the motto which has already led Oliver Kahn to success: “Continue, on and on …”. Benjamin Berendes is a strong-willed, purposeful and determined person. He is a man with a successful career in different industries. He reached his current status through a rapid growth within a few years. He proved impressive know-how and endurance in prestigious companies in the past. Since 2014 he is the managing director of AVAL Financial Services in Bad Tölz. He is appreciated by his employees. He always encourages himself and his colleagues to continue their education and training. Benjamin Berendes shows that he leads with a vision. His position as managing director consumes very much of his time, nevertheless he still maintains his personal relationships with the customers. He is a real philanthropist. With enthusiasm he still takes over task which belong to the field service or external sales.

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He was born on 13. January 1984 and grew up in the beautiful city Munich, where he also started his career. He finished school successfully with the middle maturity. He persistently gained extensive practical experience over the years. Through his work and experience in different occupational fields, Benjamin Berendes acquired numerous personal and social skills. He is flexible, he owns the ability to work in a team and he has a high load capacity. All these skills were required during his successfully completed training as a restaurant specialist (IHK).In 2004, he extended his skills as a waiter and bartender. He worked for the prestigious 5 – star Parkhotel Adler in Hinterzarten. Independent and conscientious work as well as the ability to multitask are essential in this industry.In 2006 Benjamin Berendes proved a high resilience as a bartender at Admiral Filmpalast in Nürnberg.From 2007 until 2008 he was bar manager and deputy restaurant manager of the MS Astoria (the longest serving transatlantic vessel in the world). Through his extensive foreign language skills he was able to make international contacts. From 2008 until 2010 he proved his self-initiative and his talent for organization again. During this time Benjamin Berendes was responsible as sales representative for Albeck & Zehden Hotels Berlin. He received much responsibilities and his passion for consulting and sales grew. His duties included the professional support of the existing clientele, acquisition of new customers, representation at events, the preparation of market analyzes as well as the administration of the customer database. He acquired a great base of knowledge during these years. Benjamin Berendes was distinguished by his discretion and his reliability.

From 2010 until 2011 he proved his trustworthiness as sales manager corporate at Albeck & Zehden Hotels Berlin.

Benjamin Berendes

In 2011 he received the IST-diploma as hotel business administrator and started as the initiator and sales representative of the founding of the company at AVAL Financial Services GmbH Bad Tölz. He was still seeking for new challenges, therefore Benjamin Berendes successfully completed the insurance salesman exam in 2013. Three years later, in 2014, he was promoted, after his successfull training as financial investment specialist (IHK), to the managing director of the AVAL Financial Services GmbH Bad Tölz. He is distinguished by leadership skills like innovation, inspiration and trust. During his professional career Benjamin Berendes got in contact with many people. These experiences enriched him in many ways. Benjamin Berendes developed the ability to respond flexibly to different personalities. As consultant he benefits from this talent even during his everyday life. This knowledge of people and their human nature, combined with specialised knowledge and many years of experience, characterizes Benjamin Berendes. Benjamin Berendes managed to combine his enthusiasm for the good cooperation with clients with his passion for finance during his work at AVAL Financial Services GmbH Bad Tölz.

AVAL Financial Services GmbH

Aval Financial Services GmbH was founded as subsidiary of the AVT composite. The experts of the composite represent experience, competence and trust. The AVAL Financial Services GmbH offers comprehensive and professional advice tailored to your needs. Benjamin Berendes is fully trained and the perfect contact person in questions about investments, savings on insurance contracts and inheritance tax as well as the creation of your personal emergency plan. Moreover, he has many years of experience in financial services. It is a pleasure for the qualified personnel of AVAL Financial Services GmbH to advices you on loan agreements, insurance contracts and financial investments. Focus of the work is the financial advice and the individual care of the clients as well as the smooth handling of cases like a claims processing.

The AVAL Financial Services GmbH is allowed to exercise unrestricted activities as a broker (§ 34 c Abs. 1 GewO), insurance intermediaries and insurance advisors (§ 34dc Abs. 1 GewO), as a financial investment broker (§ 34 f Abs. 1 GewO) as well as a real estate loan broker (§ 34 i Abs. 1 GewO). For the listed areas there are official approvals.


What is the relationship between Benjamin Berendes and the AFS GmbH?

Benjamin Berendes is the CEO of the AVAL Financial Services GmbH. 

What are the core requests of Benjamin Berendes?

The clients and their behavior are the absolute main request for Benjamin Berendes. Due to that he always tries to generate the best situation and profit for them 

What is the industry in which the AVT Verbund is working?

The AFS GmbH is working in the following business areas:

Financial consulting , Emergency planning, Processing of claims for their clients

When was the AVT Verbund founded?

The AFS GmbH was founded in  2013 by Markus Berendes. The AFS GmbH is a partner of the AVT Verbund, which is a decentralized organized network of experts.

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