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Benjamin Berendes

Benjamin Berendes

Customer satisfaction as the top priority

Personal Information

Name: Benjamin Berendes

Company: AVAL Financial Services GmbH

Position: Managing Director

Ort: Bad Tölz, Bavaria, Germany

Phone: +49 8041 79957-24



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His professional career shows: Benjamin Berendes enjoys getting in touch with people. Customer satisfaction, is his top priority. He lives according to the motto that already led Oliver Kahn to success: “On, on and on …”. Benjamin Berendes is strong-willed and determined. A man who rose rapidly in various industries within a few years.

Appreciated by his employees, he has been Managing Director of AVAL Financial Services GmbH, based in Bad Tölz, since 2014. With foresight, he always encourages himself and his colleagues to pursue further training. Despite the time-consuming tasks that come along with the management, Mr. Berendes maintains his personal relationships with customers.

About Benjamin Berendes

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Benjamin Berendes was born on January 13th, 1984 and grew up in Munich. Over the years he persistently gained extensive practical experience.

By working in different professional fields, Benjamin Berendes acquired numerous personal and social skills. His flexibility, his ability to work in a team and his high resilience are reflected in his successfully completed training as a restaurant specialist (IHK).

In 2004, he developed his skills as a waiter and bartender in the respected 5 - star Parkhotel Adler in Hinterzarten. Independent and conscientious work as well as the ability to multitask are indispensable in this industry.

Deputy restaurant manager

In 2006 Benjamin Berendes demonstrated a high level of resilience as a bartender in Nuremberg.

From 2007 to 2008, he was bar manager and deputy restaurant manager of the MS Astoria, the longest in service transatlantic ship of the world. He established international contacts through his extensive knowledge of foreign languages.

Between 2008 and 2010 he demonstrated his communication skills, his initiative and his talent for organization. During this time Benjamin Berendes was sales representative for Albeck & Zehden Hotels Berlin. Entrusted with a wide range of tasks, his pleasure in advising and selling grew.

In addition to the professional support of existing customers, the acquisition of new customers, the representation at events, the preparation of market analyzes as well as the administration of the customer database belonged to his areas of responsibility. During these years he acquired a wide range of knowledge.

Benjamin Berendes quickly distinguished himself through his discretion and reliability. He proved his trustworthiness from 2010 to 2011 as Sales Manager Corporate for Albeck & Zehden Hotels in Berlin. In 2011 he received the IST diploma in hotel management.

Financial investment specialist

2011 Benjamin Berendes went back to his roots, back to Bavaria. He began as Sales representative at AVAL Financial Services GmbH Bad Tölz. Always on the lookout for new challenges, Benjamin Berendes passed his insurance salesman exam in 2013.

Three years later, in 2014, while completing his degree from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce as a financial investment specialist, he became managing director of AVAL Financial Services GmbH Bad Tölz. He is characterized by leadership qualities such as innovation, inspiration and trust. During his professional career, Benjamin Berendes got in touch with many people.

These enriched his wealth of experience in many ways. Benjamin Berendes developed the ability to respond flexibly to different personalities. In his work as a consultant, he benefits from this talent in everyday life.

This knowledge of human nature, combined with specialist knowledge and many years of experience, distinguish Benjamin Berendes. Benjamin Berendes has succeeded at AVAL Financial Services GmbH Bad Tölz, by combining his enthusiasm for good cooperation with clients with his passion for finance.

With the AFS Portal into a pleasant future

AFS GmbH - Markus and Benjamin Berendes

In 2018, Benjamin Berendes and his AFS GmbH team began to pave the way for a successful future and invested in IT and digitalization. The aim was to be able to advise clients better and from anywhere, to simplify processes and to be able to advise them more holistically.

AFS GmbH has made an important step in the right direction with the AFS Portal. The portal is clearly laid out and, in addition to simple operation, also enables clients to quickly find the area that suits them. Furthermore, they can use valuable tariff comparison calculators:

  • checking account
  • [Fixed Deposit Comparison Calculator] (
  • [Daily allowance comparison] (
  • installment loan
  • DSL
  • [Motorcycle insurance] (
  • [Motor vehicle insurance] (
  • [Electricity comparison calculator] (
  • Gas comparison calculator

Moreover, AFS GmbH offers its expertise in the following areas.

Private individuals

The focus is on building, growing and maintaining assets with a focus on investments and insurance.


We look after over 100 commercial clients and involve their families. Because we all only live one life!


Thanks to the coordinated financing concept of AFS GmbH, all clients benefit from from Benjamin Berendes expertise.

Emergency folder

Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst. That is the aim of contingency planning with the emergency folder.

employer-funded pension

A great concept for both businessman and employees. Increase employee loyalty and, on the other hand, make provisions for old age. Contact us.


Benjamin Berendes is the managing director of AVAL Financial Services GmbH.

To Benjamin Berendes, customers are most important. His top priority is to ensure the maximum benefit to his clients.

The activities of AFS GmbH are divided into the following core business areas:
Financial advice, emergency planning, claims processing

AFS GmbH was founded in 2013 by Markus Berendes. It is a partner of the AVT association, a decentralized network of experts.

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